Ephra 2002 Nights – Who made what?

Digitally recorded at: Jerusaya Garden, Bockenheim Germany
Mixed and mastered: Ace, Assistent Thom. & Wanda
Programmer, Sounddesigner and Engineer: Ace, Assistent Wanda
Cover Artwork and Background-Illustration: Thom. & Ace at TRIsigned-Studios
Layout: Thom. at Media Lux - Studios, Assistent Ace.
Additional technical support: Viktoria Regenauer
All pictures: Ace
Child on Walk Up ! & Cans on Can: Mandy Tauer, Grundschule Bockenheim
Translation: Helen Maier
Management: Jerusaya Garden

All titles published: 2003 Rocktower Rex™
Finished in the night of the shooting stars.

Produced by Ace for RTR
All Rights Reserved
C + P 2003 Rocktower Rex™

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