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... concept-album with a message:

The "2002 Nights" Album is not so very unusually strange, if one refrains from the fact that no Mainstream was produced here, no music style was copied and no Songschema in the conventional sense was used. You feel reminded for a moment on "Pink Floyd" in the next second on "Yes" or "Alan Parsons Project". You think you hear the voice of Frank Zappa in the voice of the bandleader, and Wanda Tauer can certainly compare with the voice of Kate Bush or Barbara Streisand. And over everything there´s a light touch of the orient. "It´s a combination of everything we´ve ever heard and what comes from our personalities", discribes Thomas Regenauer the »Music Style Ephra« and admits that a one off hearing of the CD is not enough to appreciate this world of sound.

Disgarding old habbits and entering new healing worlds, that´s the messagge that
»Ephra« wants to bring over also in its texts, that are in the CD-Booklet in english and german. "Welcome my good old friend, on the independent board", the words to the begining of the first song "Ship of time" and "Death has no more power over me, (...) I know we´ll meet again some day" at the end of track 15. Between lies an almost 70 minute journey from the darkness of a rushing world without soul into a future full of hope with paradise like conditions.

The hint of old and new testemental statements are intensional, even though the lyrics carry rather a general religionsness than an obvious acknowledgement of Christian beliefs. "Everybody should be able to recognise himself in the album, be he Christian, or a Moslem, Jew or Buddist..." explain Achim and Wanda Tauer, who as confirmed Christians especially want to give youths something against their hopelessness, blown minds and lack of prospects or ambitions.

Whether the concept album will find its way through a music business influenced by catorganisation and fashion trends depents among other things on whether the label
»Rocktower Rex« founded by Achim Tauer 1994 can get the marketing moring. Courage to risk and the necessary trust in God has the on time German Air Force Sergant and three times father. Since he gave up the Edeka-market in 2002, that he and his wife had in Bockenheim for eighteen years, he is putting all his energy and alot of money into his project, that he wants to establish as »Ephra-World«.

There are plenty of ideas there: His colorful pictures, that decorate the cover and booklet could be used for the so called merchandizing and a video clip, that an girlfriend of the band, Viktoria Eckstein, an up and coming Comunication-designerin will use. Performed live gigs like a musical are also planed says the band. If of course they find other musicians who are looking for a challenge.

Reporter Waltraud Werdelis


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