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I just don´t know where to start. There is so much that I would like to tell you. But not yet. First it´s all about the band and the music. I´ll explain about me as I see it. I have always liked to sing. As I was young, very young, I didn´t know any text, so I made up some words, if you could call them words, it wasn´t even a language, it was just Wanda fantasy.

The first thing I could sing were christmas songs and those I sang sometimes in summer, but only if I was all alone and noone could hear. With my first friend, Evi, I sang in a park in Bockenheim, in a chestnut tree that we climbed up - "A student from Upsala". That was great fun. At last I had learned a real text. I was also in the church choir for a while. My voice was always nice. I was also given praise for it. As I was sixteen years old I took part in a singing contest in the disco "Knigge" and took the first place.

I met my husband at an early age, at 15. He was always a music freak and we formed our first band "Magic Stones". Ace was totally absorbed. He wrote the songs, made covers, played guitar, sang, gave everyting. I tried it at the singing and realised, that it´s all but easy. Two people didn´t really play along, so that was that. Even today I can recall pieces, that I tried to sing with my sister Manuela. Well then, Ace and I got married, both learned an occupation, had 3 children and had our own business - an Edeka market (a small one), in Bockenheim. In the shop Ace met Thomas Regenauer. Through him, years later, he came to the first Band "Gehenna Moon". We formed a label to make a CD with the boys. We dit it, and they called it "Jerusaya". The name was created by Ace. However, the band also broke up. Ace then decided to do something of his own. We invested very much time, money (that we didn`t have much of) and energy. Now we wanted to invest in ourselves.

We bought a Roland XP-50 and every spare minute Ace worked on it. Thomas, the drummer, stuck with Ace and was involved. We made our first CD "Ephraim`s Daughter". We were very proud of it. The people continued praising my voice, most people, withheld the fact that the sing wasn`t anything special. With time we realised it ourselves. Even so it was a nice time in the studio and we have since learned. Surprisingly many have bought the CD, alot of customers and friends and people we know. Thank you again for the support and the encouraging words that kept us going. Many also said we should definately keep going, that there was potential there. Therefore it kept going along with the buisness and 3 kids. Achim wrote text and pieces of music, made music and spent alot of time in the shop and cared for the house.

As the time came that we could do no more, because of missing Guitarists, Ace became impacient and frustrated. Through a newspaper advertisement we`d had a few Guitarists there but they weren`t able to understand our music. It was new to them and out of their experience and whatever else. I said to Ace that up to now everything had worked out, and so we would also get our Guitarist. And so stood Thomas our Guitarist there, in the shop. There were some paintboxes with painting course on offer in the shop, he just wanted to pop in and look. We Chatted about art and music, I said we made music but we needed a Guitarist. He pointed to himself. He came that evening as soon as he`d finished his shift and strayed. So the music became even better and more complete, I knew then that it would be my turn soon as the singing. I was scared ! The old CD was definitely terrible for me now. I knew I had to give all.

I did that, too. It is a story on it`s own what a fight it was, which ups and downs we had until we were finished.

We have learned alot and never given up and hope that you will like what we have done with the CD Ephra - 2002 Nights.

If you have any questions or want to know anything write to us.

´til then – bye


Updated September 2008

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