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Silence drifted through the lonliness.
Intelligence drifted through the space.

Man has forever been on the search for the truth.

In the beginning the truth was completely present. But then, throgh disbelief in spiritual forces, brought about by deception of Satan, man has lost the truth. It is known that man has a tendency to gain position and wealth. Often through means that are not god given. Eventually that leeds to violence and oppresion being able to maintain power or increase wealth. Violence and oppresion are not only to be found in physical pain, but also spiritual, especially the spirit must suffer. So that as a result of disbelief, or to rephrase; as a result of the absence of knowledge of the truth. It is impossible for man to ease the spiritual pain. On the contrary, the never ending search for truth begins.

And the temptation to reach for to the wrong means is great
...and very simple. It is written that the spirit speaks to us with a quiet , soft voice. How can we hear it ? In the center of our body lies the heart. It is responsible for our lifeforce. Within it abide the feelings. Feelings are something similar to what we call our concience, and everyone has it. In this we have been given a tool, which shows us in a very natural way in which direction we must go, an inner compass so to say. If we cover the pointer in the compass, in whatever way, then we can nolonger see the direction in which it points and in which we should go. So firstly we must assure that we keep the view on our inner compass clear and keep it clear, always looking in which direction it is pointing, then the way is sure and clear.

Our concience shows us,
if we listen and trust, the correct way. Then it is our direct line to heaven and it is the medium with which the spirit sends the message. If we hear what our concience advises, then we hear what good advises us. If we listen and pay attention what god advises us, the realisation begins to spread into and over our lives that it is possible to communicate with the heavenly powers.

Ask and you shall be given.
Knock and it will be opened. How is it possible to make such a statement ? Only if one has learned that and how it works. Why and for what reason we should finally manage to enter the highest glory into heaven, remains uninteresting. But the fact that it is the place where all knowledge lies and nothing can remains hidden. Who ever wants to go to this place from whence he came, whoever really wants to go back there, for then that alone has to be enough reason, to find out whether there are heavenly powers.

is the only one who was without fault, who never broke a law of the father and through that realised how all power and strength and help and also the kind of way that heaven works, could do nothing else but tell, live and prove it to us. He is also the only one who says definitely about himself :" I am the son of god". He is the only one who teaches of a literal rising from the dead; that he lived through and experienced. He returned and the writings report of it. Many have seen him, praise be to them. Their witness is the key to our beliefs. Who can lie about such a thing ? Through him we have the way that leads to heaven.

– ANYONE – can test whether or not it is so,
…and everyone should test whether it is so. And the test must be honest and full of patience. Then our heavenly father sees deep within our hearts and knows all whishes and only he can find the truth who is really looking with complete will and total dedication and is also doing something for it. We cannot expect that everyone will experience a personal aparision of a heavenly being. That would destroy the belief. But that is exactly what makes us realise that god is alive and constantly providing for us, as long as we accept the help. With complete will and dedication means: That which we experience and that which we feel to be true, has to be kept and new things won. There is the possibilty in the so called holy scriptures, to learn the wills of the gods. Through man can get to know the way that is necessary, that man must go to reach god. It gives everyone the possibility to reach this way. Be it here on earth in body, or in the world of waiting in spirit after. The inner compass, our own Liahona leads us certainly.

In this lies the secret of heaven. It is not up to me, or to rephrase, I don´t want to advertise for the church, knowing well that Gods church on earth exists as John let be known (REL 14:6+7). The power to act in the name of the Lord was totally lost. Which true powerholder of the Lord, who must be a prophet, would do such things, that were done in the name of god and still are. But that are targeting to reach power and riches?

How much murder, looting, rape and torture
...has been carried out in "Gods name". Where is the divine power there? Divine power or leadership has always been necessary to lead the comunity of believers. In old times as it is today. The Lord always spoke only to a few people. To our joy they have written it down. And the Holy Ghost who is also a divine person, proves to everyone, who LISTENS TO THE PROPHETS, EXAMINES AND TRUST THEM. Through these examinations we keep knowledge about the truths of life. People have been given this unique chance through the spirit, with the tool of belief to find the truth. Who ever accepts this, increases it and receives new knowledge. Unobvious becomes obvious and man sees clearly. This clear view, is called proof of the truth. How can man find the church, that has the truth, if there are thousands who claim this. I have found the way through, that I have in my heart, always looked for. Not as through I was obsessed with it – NO, it simply interested me, I was always curiosly concerning this topic. Because there´d always been a good feeling in the heart.

Then HE came to door and entered (Relevation 3:20).
The spirit, that feeling that took me as I opened the door to two plain servants of the Lord was so overwhelming and withheld everything, even the very smallest detailed feeling that I had, when I heard of the truth. Then many parts of the truth are spread amongst many churches, BUT ONLY JOINED IN ONE CHURCH. I was hit by the total power of the spirit of which I was capable and could not speak for a moment. Hit by all those good vibrations, feelings at once, yes, ALL AT ONCE AND TO THE CENTRE OF THE HEART. How could I defend myself against it and why would I ?
Here is the spirit and here is the truth.

Seek and hope. Pray and find. It will be brought to you.
Ask the Lord where the truth is to be found, ask him to lead you or to send his servants to you. Then it will happen and you will recognise it. The truth is perfect, nothing at all is missing, to all lifes questions there is a logical, correct, understandable and true answer. And that is truth. I know. I have searched and hoped, prayed in my heart and then all at once it was there, just that simple. I JUST HAD TO ACCEPT IT. Now I have it and like to share it.


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