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Ace... Vocals, Keyboard, Bass


My interest in making recordings of my own was awakend very early. Brought about through the first tape-recorder that were rated the latest hit. But even before such a machine even stood in my home I´d tried all kinds of musical instruments. As I was four or five I played for hours with my Melodica, at that time I had two of them. But the things became so messy with the spit from constant blowing, that in the end they became too disgusting for me to play with. A piano, a recorder (with a little teaching), a mouthorgan and with the Bockenheimer "Spielmannszug" Big Band, a flute. I was really quit musical even then. And then, finally, as I was seven, I´d worked so long and so hard on my fosterparents, that in the end they bought me one of those modern things, that nobody needs (said my father). With alot of discussion and a long (much too long for me) search for a reasonably priced source.

I had lots of fun with school friends, who also had such a thing busy recording for hours many different sources of sound, of course, there were also some cool songs among them. I still know exactly that the Beatles with Rock´n Roll Music had a absolutely hit on my musical feeling. Since that time, I was seven years old at the time, music flows through my veins. From then on I was busy every day taping music or buying cassettes with my pocket-money. After the tape-recorder, later came a small stereo-recordplayer – after all I was 15 years old then. Before, there was no money and at that time a well known U.S. soldier was selling his old Hifi for a super price. I had finally got a recordplayer, too.

My first three LP´s were:
»1. Black Sabbath – Technical Ecstasy«
»2. Deep Purple – Made In Europe«
»3. Uriah Heep - Best Of...«
This music made an impression on me.

"A Rock´n Roll Doctor, that is what I want to be."

A Rock´n Roll Docter, that is what I want to be. After a schoolband, in which my girlfriend of the time, now my wife, had also sung, came then a musical creative break, during which I concentrated on building a family and occupation. But totally without music were we not. For me I was a enthusiastic music listener, and then after I met Thomas Regenauer, I began to make music myself again. After the children had "grown up" (3 alltogether) the music pulled at me again. In the meantime I did a course in Audio Engineering and was advisor/manager of the band Jerusaya. During the time with Jerusaya my musical ideas stared in the direction of the band of today – Ephra. And after the singer, the guitarist and the bassist of the band did everyting but make music and also went a time abroud, the band split up. With Wanda, I formed the Duo Ephraim´s Daughter, from which eventually came the band Ephra. Thomas and I became firm friends during that time and began the search for new music, a new sound. The desperate search for a guitarist came to an end after Thomas Louis joined our company. We are still not complete. We still need a bassist and another guitarist. But we were able to realise our ideas.

After "2002 Nights" comes a new CD. At the moment we´re working on Mandys first CD. It´s going to be a Maxi, with probably three songs. And on our (Fuel) and Mandys Videos.

Till then...

bye Ace


Updated September 2008